Sword of the Spirit – Psalm 1: 1-3

Psalm 1:

[1] Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
[2] But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.
[3] And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

David is saying there are 3 types of unsaved people.

First are the UNGODLY people who walk in sin. They don’t believe in religion of any kind. They have their own ideas! God, salvation and living an honourable life TO God are not part of that belief. They believe they live a “good life” helping others etc. and making a difference in some way. They try to convince everyone that we all are responsible for our own lives. David is encouraging the people not to walk in the ungodly ways.

The second type are called SINNERS. These people are ungodly as specified above but they are worse than that. These are the people who have vices. They may steal, lie, gossip, covet and the likes. They are sinners and they try to coax others into their ungodly, sinful world. We are encouraged by David, not to stand in their ways or thoughts or beliefs.

As we digress, the third type of people are called SCORNERS. They have the same attributes as the ungodly and the sinners, except that they have totally made up their minds not to believe in God or in his ways. They will sit solidly in their unbelief and do their best to harass, make fun of and go out of their way to belittle anyone who believes in God and his ways. These scorners will do their best to get everyone, (no matter what stage believers may be in with their walk with the Lord) to come and sit on their side of unbelief.

David is warning the ungodly people, the sinners, the scorners and the Christians that if we are not careful, one step will quickly lead to the next and so eventually we could be seated in unbelief and evil.

David says we need to find The Lord and then stay firmly rooted and not let anyone shake us from our love and faith in God.

David is also advising everyone to stay strong in righteousness. (behaviour that is morally justifiable). He is trying to get the message out, that the people who walk in sin, stand in sin or sit in sin, will not be blessed. But those who are faithful to our Lord, will be blessed.

Like a tree planted by rivers of water… A tree can be growing wild or it can be one that is tended to, looked after, pruned and loved. The untended one has dead branches and sickly leaves while the tended one has beautiful branches, leaves and bears good fruit.

That’s the way a Christian should be (fruitful) and should help others around them to grow as well. If the tree cannot bear good fruit then it has no use.

David is saying that everyone should delight in spending time with our Heavenly Father and reading the Word and meditating on it. Then having a really good connection to the Lord, Christians should show others how to live a godly life, encouraging them to follow in our tracks. He is saying that once we become godly people, deeply rooted, we will always be blessed, bearing good fruit.

Heavenly Father,

Christians should feel honored to show fruit. We should be cheerful and delight in reading, meditating on and abiding by the words of the Bible.

Living in these ways, people will see our happiness, our joy, our peace and that will encourage others to become children of God, all bearing good fruit and a place in Heaven.

Father help me to see right away, if I start to move from your path. Keep my eyes and heart always on you.

I know Lord how simple it is to slip from one side to the other. Keep me on the straight and narrow path.

Allow me to always be a good representation of you to those around me. Let my fruit always capture the heart of others. May I be a example of you, so much so that others will want the peace, love, happiness and blessings from you that I enjoy.

I thank you Father for every trial you have brought me through to reach you. I was an ungodly person, a sinner, and yes Lord, even a scorner. Thankfully Lord you were able to break through the shell I was building before it calcified (hardened completely). You called and thankfully I came.

I praise you Lord that you are still calling out to the ungodly, the sinners and yes even to the scorners. The Word says that you wish for ALL to be saved. My prayer Lord is that when you call out, the people will answer and drop their evil ways and come to you for forgiveness and a new life, bathed in living water.

Thank you Father for sending your son Jesus to the cross so that I may be forgiven and for sending the Holy Spirit to live in me, helping me make the right choices in life. I am so very blessed to be your child and even though I was a sinner, my name is now written in the Lambs Book Of Life.

Hallelujah! I praise your mighty and holy name.

In the name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I pray.


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