That I Will Grow in my Walk

Philippians 1 6

Paul was talking to the church of Philippi. He was congratulating them on knowing that God had started a “good work” in them and that they were honouring God for it.

Paul was saying that they could be confident that God would continue to guide and lead them, because they responded so well in their preaching, finances, befriending and helping others etc.

Some might think that Paul was talking about doing good works to earn their salvation. Not so! Paul was telling the people that their works were not the deciding factor on whether they went to be with the Lord at death. He was saying that because they had accepted Jesus’ work on the cross and were living a life of goodness and following the Lord, they would be taken to their Heavenly Home upon their death.helpingothers

Heavenly Father

I know, without doubt, that (like the church of the Philippi) I am saved by grace and mercy, and not by works.

Help me to stay true and faithful to you. Help me do whatever it is that you ask me to do. Allow me to love you as the church of Philippi did.

It is an honour and privilege to serve you Lord. Thank you for starting a good works in me. May I continue to love and serve you forever more.

In the name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I pray.


Worship of the Cherubim

Revelation 4 8 11

The Father deserves to be worshipped and praised for all he does. When we stop to think of what he has created, how he created it all and the fact that he made it all in love, we should be bowing every second of every day in thanks to Him.

What if he had been evil? What if his Word wasn’t true? What if he had changed his way after a number of centuries? Good questions that we don’t have to answer because his Word is true. He is kind and loving, and so very deserving of all the Glory.

That is why the Cherubim (4 living creatures) surround the throne. They have so many eyes which tells us they are knowing and seeing and have a lot of knowledge. They also understand that they live their lives to worship GOD .

The way these cherubim worship GOD reminds us that our worship must be intelligent. We must also worship sincerely and with reverence.e3ed4c1879a938af937d48e11942bc1f

Heavenly Father

This is another area where I fall short Lord. My prayer time is often wishy washy. I sometimes may say things randomly because many times my mind is wandering off in other places. I often repeat the same phrases or prayers over and over again because I am only partially giving you my attention.

Lord I truly desire to give you the honour and worship that you desire and definitely deserve. Help me to stay focused. Help me to concentrate on you and what I’m saying to you. Help me to be present in mind, body and spirit when I’m talking to you.

Thank you Father for being who you are. I am so very blessed and honored to be your child. I will worship you forever and ever.

All for your glory Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, I praise your mighty name.


Knee-Mail to God

Philippians 4-6-7

First let’s look at the words prayer and supplication.


Prayer is a privilege and an obligation of the Christian where we communicate with God.

Prayer is how we convey our confession (1 John 1:9), requests (1 Tim. 2:1-3), intercessions (James 5:15), thanksgiving (Phil. 4:6), etc., to our holy God. We are commanded to pray (1 Thess. 5:17).
There is nothing that we may bring before God that we shouldn’t. God wants us to talk to him about everything.


Although it is a noun, supplication comes from the Latin verb supplicare, which means “to plead humbly.” While a supplication is often thought of as a religious prayer (it is used 60 times in the Bible), it can logically be applied to any situation in which you must earnestly ask or implore someone in power for help or a favor.

Supplication is a prayer where we ask God for something or to do something specific. Many times we lose out because we haven’t gone before our Father and asked.

God always has the knowledge of what we’ve done or need or want. He already knows about our requests while we are still in the thinking stages. So where the verse says “Let your requests be known unto God” it’s not for his benefit, but for ours. It is his will (intention) that we are participants in our own lives.

We need to remember that our prayers and supplications should be given with thanksgiving, not with whining or demands, but we are to ask with heartfelt love and praise.

God wants us to have true peace. We are not to worry about anything, nor be anxious. Everything boils down to one of two areas; love or fear. Love is of God and fear is of the enemy. Fear is sin!

If we are afraid, where does God fit into the scenario? The enemy loves for us to be unhappy, scared or apprehensive. What can we do in situations of fear? Turn immediately to God and he will bless us with his peace that passes understanding.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you Lord that you actually want to be with me during every step and every adventure that I will experience while on this earth. As I draw closer to you, I will grow in you. Please remind me to talk to you about everything; with prayer and praise.

Thank you that as your child, I will enjoy your peace when times of worry, unhappiness and fear come upon me. I won’t, perhaps, have understanding of why a certain situation has come along but I will know that, when asked, you will bless me with your peace that passes my understanding.

Many times however, in tough situations, I forget to pray. Many times in gladness I forget to praise you. Fortunately you never forget to be with me. Lord please help me to make it my habit to always be in prayer to you, so that in all situations I will immediately turn to you first.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray.


All Fall Short of the Glory of God


We were all born into this world as sinners because of Adam but we do not have to stay sinners.

Each and every day, we all sin. No one can go without sinning except the son of God, who came and lived on this earth, sinless, so that he could be the perfect Sacrificial Lamb.

We cannot gain the glory of God by ourselves. On our own, there is nothing we can say or do to stop being a sinner. We need Jesus’ help but many reject him, fail to love him, don’t or won’t accept Jesus’ salvation.

It is only through God’s mercy that we can enjoy the glory of God. What is the glory of God? It is when God fills us with love, (for Him, for ourselves, for others, for nature, or anything). It’s when we enjoy life because we know that God is a big part of it and we praise him for being within us.

The Glory of God comes to us when we have accepted his son, Jesus, as our saviour. It is having God living within us while we are here on this earth and also into the next, for eternity.

Without Jesus, we are still sinners and we fall short of eternal life with the Father.

If you have not accepted the Lord into your life and want more information or want to become a child of God, check out the “Prayer for Salvation“.


Heavenly Father

Thank you that you have made becoming your child such an easy process. We don’t have to work at making ourselves sinless, as we could never achieve that on our own, no matter how much we tried. You accept us just as we are. All anyone has to do is pray, with a true heart of repentance, and ask to be forgiven, in the name of Jesus.

I thank you for your gifts of mercy and grace and salvation through your son Jesus. I am thankful that Jesus bore all of my sins on the cross. I am blessed to be your child and I do give thanks.

Allow me to be filled with the glory of God, making each day a day of joy and happiness, in spite of what’s going on around me. Thank you Father, that one day I will enter the Glory of The Lord and be with you in Heaven, eternally.

In the holy name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, I pray.