Following Jesus’ Example

Colossians 3 12-13

How often do we hold anger? How often does someone ask for our forgiveness and we want to hold onto the anger? Have you ever asked for someone’s forgiveness and they turn and walk away from you?

That’s exactly the type of problems that Paul was writing in his letters to the Colossians. He was explaining that as one of the apostles, he had been given the assignment to speak to the Gentiles about God’s love for them.

Paul writes that they the Gentiles, are also considered to be God’s beloved and they have the same holy calling that the Jews have.

When Jesus walked the earth, he lived by certain attributes. Mercy, kindness, humbleness, meekness and longsuffering were just a few. He taught by example and wanted the apostles and saints (believers) to live by them and to go out into the world and teach others to live in the same way.

So here we find Paul writing to the Colossians with the same lesson that he would tell Christians today. We are God’s chosen and as such we are to live in the ways of Jesus. It’s important that we show others that indeed we are somehow different (from the non-believers) and we are to help them to “have what we have”, that is the love of Jesus.


When someone is spared from judgement or harm.

To be like Jesus, we must have bowels (lots of) compassion to give to others. We must find our mercy and forgive others, regardless of the situation. Just as Jesus does!


Compassionate and generous.

Jesus had compassion and was kind to all he met. He demands that Christians hold the same value.

What is humbleness of mind?

We should not have pride nor be arrogant. We can be the peacemakers if we walk in the spirit of the Holy Ghost, and not in our own strength.


Strength under control.

Some people may look at meekness as a weakness but if you’ve ever lived in meekness you would have found that a lot of strength is used to remain meek.


Bearing injuries or provocation for a long time; being patient; and not easily provoked.


Is holding back or restraining ourselves from doing something that would be a normal thing to do. It is controlling oneself when provoked. Perhaps showing patience.


There are two types of forgiveness that appear in the Bible: God’s pardoning of our sins, and our obligation to pardon other people sins.

Forgiveness consists of wiping the slate clean: not to seek revenge (because our heart should no longer be holding anger). Whether someone comes to us asking for forgiveness or we are the ones doing the asking, forgiveness is not given because it’s deserved, but because it’s a gesture of love and grace.


The above are just some of the attributes that Jesus wants us all to have. As his children, we should be walking each day in the footsteps that Jesus left for us to follow.

Some people may find it hard, at first, to let go of the anger. Colossians 3:15 speaks of letting the peace of God rule in our hearts. Perhaps my post on June 5-2015 in the file “Thanksgiving/Gratitude” would help someone who is holding anger and doesn’t know how to let go.

Just remember, we are all at different stages of our learning and growing. Each day, as we follow Jesus, we will find it easier to follow in His ways.

The important part of the process is to talk to God, our Father, and ask him for help.

Father in Heaven,

I am so very blessed to be your child. You have chosen me, I am your elect. You are asking me to have mercy, be kind, be humble, be gentle and forgive in the ways that you always been with me.

It is my job, as your child to love! Love you, love myself, love others.

The attributes spoken in this scripture are to remind me of the way you lived, while as a man on this earth, and the example you set for us to live by.

Thank you Father for teaching me by example. I ask that the Holy Spirit would lead me, guide me and encourage me, so that I can be more like Jesus.

In the divine name of Jesus, I pray.


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