Listen More and Speak Less – Proverbs 29:11

Proverbs 29-11

If a man tells everything he knows about a subject, all at once, he is then out of the conservation when others are discussing it. If he tries to get back into the subject, all he can do is to rehash what he has already presented. However if he joins in sharing a little bit of information at a time, he adds to the conversation, as it progresses.

If a man is angry and immediately spews out that anger, he may say more than he means to say. However a wise man will hold the anger and let his mind and body relax before he discusses what has made him angry and why.

As a Christian, having a cooling down time allows the anger to be calmed and for peace to come over the situation, through God, before speaking to the other person.

It’s important for us to learn to listen more and speak less and not run on at the mouth in any situation.


Dear Father,

At times, I am like the fool! Whatever comes to mind, I talk about. Many times I don’t even stop long enough to sensor or check out what I am about to say.

However, I am glad to say that with your help, I am learning each day to filter my words and stop the rambling.

I have asked the Holy Spirit to make me very aware of the times I go on and on so that I can stop and hear what others want to say.

Times of anger are sometimes hard for most of us. Anger usually reaches a boiling point and then watching what we say is not our priority. However, with the Holy Spirits guidance, I now take a deep breath and immediately ask for peace to cover the situation and all who are involved. With the covering of peace, the situation is quickly defused.

Father, thank you that I am still learning. Thank you for your leading, loving and especially your patience throughout my training period. I am truly blessed!

In the name of my Lord, Jesus, I pray



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