Peters Advice to Believers Regarding the End Times – 2 Peter 3

2 Peter 3 17-18

Peter is writing to a group of righteous people (those who believe in Jesus). It is assumed to be the same people he wrote to in 1 Peter. He is telling them to stay strong in their faith and to beware of scoffers!

We, the righteous of today need to follow this same advice that Peter gave the believers in his day.

In the first part of his letter Peter reminds them what the prophets spoke of regarding the last days and to think about the things that he and Paul have written to them in the past.

Peter tells them to watch out for the scoffers (the ungodly) because they don’t believe that God’s word made creation nor that God’s word flooded the earth and removed all sin. Peter reminds them that non-believers walk in their own lusts and will try to convince others to join in their disbelief of God and his creation and judgements.

Peter writes that in the end times, the heavens, the elements and the earth will all die by fire and the ungodly will die along with them.

Some people reading this might wonder why Peter was telling the people of his day to watch for the end times. The reason: because everything is done according to God’s timing, we can never know exactly when Jesus will come again. It could have happened in Peter’s life time, it could have happened at any point during the past 2016 years or it may not happen for any amount of time into the future. What we can know for sure is that because God’s word says it will take place, it WILL happen.

The end of times depends on many factors and even we are probably a part of them. How?

While we wait, are believers studying and gaining knowledge of God’s word so that we won’t be caught in the claws of the evil one or by the scoffers?

Are we standing strong and keep our faith alive? Are we sharing our knowledge with others on a continual basis? Are we staying holy in our conversations and walking in godliness? Do we pray for people to come to salvation? Do we tell others of the good news of Jesus Christ?

We need to be doing these things and helping others to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Our Father is the only one who knows when the end of times will begin. He is not slack or lazy (as scoffers might say) but it is because God is such a loving Father, he will wait as long as he can, and when all of the people have heard about Christ, and those who will accept him, have done so, then (according to the word) God will send Jesus to earth again. God is waiting because he loves all people and doesn’t want anyone to perish into the flames.

So knowing it’s all in God’s timing (hands), the believers (of every generation) must be completely prepared. There will not be time to “get ready”! Every generation must be “good to go” at all times.

At some point, the heavens WILL pass away with a loud noise and the elements will melt with the fervent (almost boiling) heat and yes the earth and everything on it, will burn up, taking all sin and the sinful people along with it.

As sad as that may sound to some, Christians should always be looking towards Jesus’ return and for the new heavens and earth that God will set in place. A new earth where the godly will dwell forever, praising Jesus (God) and giving him glory forever and ever.2013-06-158

Heavenly Father

Thank you for the Word of God. Thank you that many of your servants (like the Prophets and Peter and Paul) took the time to listen to you and wrote it all on paper. Throughout the centuries every generation has had the opportunity to know, hear, learn or read about you. Thank you Father that you chose to give us the knowledge of the times coming: good and bad.

Thank you that many times, I don’t understand what is written and I have to go deeper into my studies. It’s during those times that I really get to know you better (and you, me). That was exactly what Peter wanted the people of his time to do. Have a relationship with you!

Studying, gaining knowledge and knowing you is what keeps us steady in our faith and sure footed in our walk. If we are knowledgeable of you and your word, then scoffers will have a harder time twisting your words to the extent that we might believe them, over you.

Thank you Father that I believe, without doubt, that you will come again. It may or may not be in my lifetime but regardless, you will come!

Please Lord, while I wait, help me to stay strong in faith, to always keep my eyes fixed on you and to be waiting with anticipation, for the arrival of the worlds Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

To you Father, all the glory, now and forever.

In the name of your son, Jesus Christ, I pray.



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