Do You Anger Quickly? – Proverbs 19: 11


Proverbs 19:

[11] The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression.

We have the choice; to act on our anger immediately or to consciously postpone it or even let it go for good.

There may be many other reasons, beyond what is happening in that particular moment, causing anger to rear its ugly head. By deferring, we stop the anger in its tracks and let it go before it blows up, out of proportion. Setting it aside gives us the chance to cool off enough to objectively consider, not only our side of what is happening, but whether the opposing arguments hold merit.

How can we defer it or just let it go?

  1. As soon as the anger starts rising, and before it becomes a situation out of control, we must consciously make a decision to stop immediately.
  2. Pray for peace over all people involved.
  3. For our part, we must truly let God take over, regardless of what is happening. (Sometimes others can’t or won’t let it go).
  4. Ask for the Father’s help for everyone involved to see, with a clear mind, what’s really happening.
  5. Call on Jesus and with his strength in us, the anger will dissipate. (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me).
  6. Then ask the Holy Spirit to guide us out of the situation, with love, kindness and forgiveness for everyone involved.

With the help of God (the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit) we CAN put a stop to whatever is happening in the moment and choose to defer it. This is wonderful news!

My Father in Heaven,

It is for your glory that I live. I thank you that I am created in your image and that you are willing to teach me how to be more like you.

Father, I know that on a regular basis, I am offended by someone or something, and sometimes I bury the offence and hurt so deep that they affect my soul. The bigger problem is that in many of those times, I keep it all brewing until one day it just explodes.

I need to change and I am working on it Lord. Please search me and draw out everything hidden inside me that is not of you and cleanse me, in Jesus’s name. Thank you Father.

From now on, please help me to be on the lookout for situations that would cause me to fail. If any anger, bitterness or anything not of you begins to take hold of me, please allow me to immediately to be aware and turn to you, knowing in faith, that you will come to my rescue.

Allow me, with the strength and power of Christ, to rise above whatever brings me to the point of anger and rebellion. The more I stand in Jesus, the quicker these types of incidents will dissipate.

I know that it pleases you when I walk in peace and in forgiveness. This scripture tells me that when I overcome my transgressions, it brings glory (honour) to my name. Thank you Lord for allowing me the opportunity to live my life in you.

It is my goal to please and honour you. All the glory to you God for all you are and all you do.

In Jesus’ name.


Note: There is such thing as righteous anger however in this post I am not talking about that kind of anger. I will post on Righteous Anger soon.


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