The Only God, the King Eternal – 1 Timothy 1: 17

1 Timothy 1: 17


Paul knew God and wanted to honour him. In Paul’s praises, he included some of the attributes that he knew God to be.

The only God, the King eternal. There have always been (and still are) other gods in this world, but Paul knew that his God was real, the only one that deserved his honour and praise.

Paul’s God is still the true God of today. He has lived forever and will continue to do so. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. He is eternal and immortal (living forever, everlasting, deathless).

God is invisible to our eyes, so it’s important for us to look at him with our faith and hearts. In comparison, all false gods are man-made and can easily be seen by everyone and yet they do nothing for the world or their followers.

Although we can’t see God himself, we can know his love, perceive his arms around us and when we pay attention we can feel him guiding us along the correct path.

God is continually with us, working in the world and in our lives, nurturing, teaching, protecting and leading us. Every day without fail, we can find God, just by opening our hearts.

He is the only wise God – the one who is the centre; knowing all, seeing all, hearing all and creator of all good things. He is powerful and unlimited.

God blesses his children (for their faithfulness and love) with a wonderful promise, that at the end of our days (on this earth), we will receive the gift of eternity with him.


Almighty God

You are the immortal, invisible, eternal King and it is truly my pleasure to praise you and bring honour to your name, on a continual basis.

Every step I take; regardless of the situation, I am reminded of how you continually walk with me, leading, guiding and encouraging me to stay on the narrow path.

I pray that every person would look for you with an open heart. I pray people will “see” you and have the chance to get to know and grow in you. I pray that the lost souls will hear your call and they will draw closer to you, right now. Please Father, fill their hearts to overflow with your love, so they too can enjoy a wonderful relationship with you now and for eternity.

You are the only God worthy of being called God and I am privileged to be your child and to worship you, giving you all of the glory!

In the name of your precious son, Jesus Christ, I pray.



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