When We are Burdened – Matthew 11

I have used these same verses on the blog “Pray for Salvation” but felt the Lord urging me to take it in another direction. I find it fascinating that God’s Word can touch so many different aspects of our lives.

If we are still carrying heavy burdens by ourselves it’s because we have not given them over to The Lord. He will always help us, but we must ask. At times we either forget God or immediately turn to others instead. The worse situation is when the enemy gets into our space and convinces us not to trust The Lord. In all of the above situations, we then continue carrying the burdens, hoping for a solution of our own making.

I have heard people say “Just give it over to the Lord” or “Let God carry it for you” or ” Trust in the Lord”. I wasn’t sure how to do that, so I asked God how I could accomplish it.

This is what He told me… He loves me in a way that no human could ever love me. He loved me before the foundation of the earth and will love me into eternity. Because of his great love for me, when I ask for help, he will take my hand and guide me. He will help me learn how to handle my problems, however; he will NOT just take them away.

As I began reading and studying scripture and learning more about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God,  I came to realize that in ALL times and in ALL circumstances, I am to talk to God, and thank him for whatever I am going through; good or bad. No that’s not an error, we must be thankful for the difficult times as well as the good. The difficult situations are the times of growth, something (believe it or not) that we usually end up being thankful for.

Knowing all of this, I tried to lean on Him. “Just let it go” was not easy for me. I liked to plan and have everything happen in the order I thought it should. I wanted to stay on my time line, from beginning to end, without complications. I had a plan B,C,D and E as well. I always believed I had everything covered. Lol. But every time my plans failed, (as they did quite often) panic would set in.

I really thought that I was giving the burdens over to God, but unfortunately, I was still holding onto them (or at least some of part of them.) After years of trying and failing, I got so frustrated one day that I gave up and said (from deep inside my soul) “Okay Father, you do it!” It was at that point I finally realized God would truly lead me and guide me and I learned let it all go.

Now when I encounter a challenging situation, I take a deep breath and attempt to relax.

I coax myself not to panic, but to remember that God is in control and I am his child. He knows what is happening and that gives me the confidence to follow wherever he leads me.

Most often that leading takes me straight to the Bible, to his Word. I look up passages regarding my situation and I read, meditate and pray over them until I feel a peacefulness come over me.

The more I take in his word, the easier it is for me to believe for a good end to the situation, even before I see it with my eyes. (Using faith) If I slip up and say or think something like “I’m not sure this will work” I immediately command the thought of non-belief to leave me immediately and I thank God that he is in control.

I repeat Bible verses like “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and I listen to and sing songs that speak the word of God. (The Casting Crowns – “The Voice of Truth” always works well for me). As I lean on the words they go deep into my soul and I find it much easier to rest in the Lord.

I also do exactly what my Heavenly Father tells me to do, no matter how strange it may appear to me. (Please don’t take this to mean something that goes against the Lord’s Will because that is not what I’m saying).

However, if God leads me to walk to an ice cream shop and to stand outside the door on a freezing cold day, I’ll do it. It may not make sense to me but God may have me bump into someone who has just the perfect answer to my dilemma.

Sometimes I follow God’s lead and nothing APPEARS to happen. I’ve now learned, that’s okay too because God works in mysterious ways. I would just go home when feeling I should. However I keep the faith that something DID happened, even though I didn’t see it with my eyes.

God may place a commercial or a magazine article or any number of other methods which may lead us in the direction he wants us to go. Our job is to keep our eyes, ears and souls open for signs.

Sometimes our burdens are just meant to draw us closer to Him. Every situation is different. I believe that everything we go through; good or bad, has a reason and will add value to our heavenly bodies, one day.

So to recap

1 – Accept Jesus into our heart. Allow him to be our Lord and Saviour. We will never regret our decision.

2 – Pray and tell the Lord what our exact needs are. He already knows but maybe he wants us to pray, so that we can learn to separate our needs from our wants. Are our wants according to his will?

3 – Thank God for working on our prayers and tell him we will wait on him to lead us, regardless of how long it takes.

This does not mean to sit at home waiting for a job to drop into our laps. It means to go out and look for a job but also to watch for messages from God.

4 – Be careful what we think. We must not listen to the negative thoughts we may encounter. We must put a stop to them immediately.

Cast them out by saying something like “I am a child of God and in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to shut up and leave me now”. Then replace those bad thoughts with good ones, like… “Thank you Lord for watching over me and working on my situation. I will wait in peace.”

In the hard times we are to ask for help and for understanding and to pray that we can stand strong in all circumstances. Wearing the Armour of God every day helps us to do just that.

5 – Be happy as we wait! Important part!

Being happy shows us and others that we have faith in the Lord: that even when we are going through possibly the worst time in our lives, we can have faith that God will bring us through it.

Many people believe you are never to talk about what you are going through and that you should be fake in your happiness. It does NOT mean that at all. If we need to talk to someone about our situation, do it. However God does not want us to walk around, dragging our feet, telling absolutely everyone all of our problems and looking like the world is collapsing in on us. It may be doing just that, but when others see a Christian downtrodden, they immediately may think “hey, where is their God now?” Of course, it depends on the degree of the circumstance – losing a job doesn’t even begin to compare to losing a child, but overall I believe it’s better for us not to be sad and glum. Rejoice in the Lord!

Fake enthusiasm is not to be used. By knowing that God is in control we don’t have to “fake” feeling good in all times, because we will truly have a peace that passes all understanding.

6 – Praise the Lord for what he is about to do. Sing to him. Praise him. Thank him for working in our lives and for helping us to stay focused on Him, instead of on the problem.

Remember that God does NOT bring the bad times on us. We are living in a world of sin and there will be consequences. However God does use our trials, to teach us important lessons. Sometimes our situations seem as though there will never be an end to the bad times. The important thing to remember is that God IS aware of what we are going through and it will be much easier if we learn to lean on him at all times.

In difficult times we are to ask for help and for understanding and we are to pray that we can stand strong in all circumstances. Wearing the “Armour of God” everyday (LINK PLEASE) helps us to do just that.

Just because we are God’s children and have prayed, does NOT mean that our Heavenly Father will remove the burdens. It means that he will continue to stand right by us, (he will share our yoke) while we go through them. Having the faith and the support of God, will allow us to not to be weary but to have rest.

7 – When the situation has been resolved we should give praise and thanks to the Lord!

He never leaves us alone. He is ever present and knows exactly what is happening and will give us the strength to get through it all, when we lean on him.

Jesus is willing to help us bear our load, if we are willing to give it over to him?

Heavenly Father

You are an awesome God. Every day you look after all of your children. You lead us, guide us, watch us and monitor our situations. We are so blessed Lord, thank you.

I pray Father that this message will touch people’s hearts and that they will understand that we can stand solid even during times of tribulation.

Is it easy to lean on God? At first, absolutely not! Can anyone do it? Absolutely yes! We need to follow your Word and we will learn that with you God in our corner, we can stand strong against any situation.

Thank you Father for loving and giving me peace and faith in you, each and every day.

All for the glory of God!

In Jesus’ name.


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