Am I Feeding the Flesh? – Romans 13: 14

ROMANS 13:14

Paul is reminding Christians that we should be living our lives for God and not for our own earthly lusts and desires. Paul’s words encourage us to serve as Jesus served, walk as Jesus walked, love as Jesus loved: to literally put on the persona of Jesus.

Paul is telling Christians to look towards what happens after this life has ended and he challenges the Christians (even us today) to be found in faith to the Lord, when Jesus returns.

The final advice that Paul leaves for Christians (of all times) is that we need to be careful not to cater to the desires of our flesh (over-eating, over-drinking, over-indulging in anything and/or everything) as these are the desires of the enemy.

We need to be following Christ, everyday; with purpose!

Father in Heaven

Thank you for being such an awesome God. Thank you that you sent your Son to us so that all those who accept Jesus will enjoy an eternal life with you. And thank you that your Word gives us awesome examples of people and situations, like the apostle Paul.

Although the spiritual battles I will face today are not mine to fight, I have a part in it; by walking right, living right and not living just for my own desires.

I need to be careful not to over indulge in the provisions you bless me with each day. If not careful, I can fall into the enemy’s trap (that is, believing that I can control the enemy by myself) and in that I will fail miserably.

Father, I know that time is running short and so I pray that all Christians become aware that the enemy is working very hard right now to capture our ways. I pray that eyes are open to the schemes that Satan uses to sneak into our lives. By living for Jesus, we will not fall for satan’s ways.

Thank you Father for all you do for all and for all you are, the one and only true God.

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray,



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