Who Are You Worshipping? – Jeremiah 10: 6-7

JEREMIAH 10: 6-7

Jeremiah is showing the people what it is like to worship the true God. The people of that time thought that making an idol out of gold, silver, even stone was something that they could see and hence worship.

The idols that the people design have ears, eyes, mouths, bodies, hands, arms, legs, feet etc. but they can’t think, feel, smile, see or give help of any kind.

Jeremiah is telling the people that the God he worships cannot be seen but can feel, speak, listen, help, etc.

He is telling them that there is no one in the entire nation as great as the God he worships. Even the wisest person on earth (through-out all of history) can’t even begin to come close to God and never will.

Heavenly Father

There is no other Lord, only you. Idols have no mouths, no eyes, ears, no moving body parts, knowledge or hearts, so why do some people worship them?

Yes kings of the world hold power and prestige, but none should receive the adoration and love of the people that you deserve.

ALL others will pass away from this earth. Men should be in awe of you Lord, because you are the one and only.

No one is as mighty or as high as you. You are the creator of this universe. You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. The King of kings, the Eternal one, forever and ever.

Thank you Father for being my God and the God of the world.

In Jesus’ precious name.


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