Release Your Anger Daily – Ephesians 4: 26

Ephesians 4: 26

We have all been angry and sometimes we either intentionally or unintentionally hold onto that anger far too long.

The author is telling us that although we may be angry, we cannot let it fester. If we don’t work the anger out, then we are letting in the sin. We are allowing the enemy to have a place within us.

The longer we hold onto anger, the more it grows and with that, we allow Satan and his host to work in us with free reign.

By using the author’s example time line, he is suggesting that our wrath must be worked out and dissipated before the end of each day. When the anger is dealt with and truly put in its place within this time frame, there is no foothold for the enemy to latch upon.

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Thank you Lord for being such an amazing God. In you I can always find a way to deal with every situation I am faced with, including anger.

Sometimes Lord, I want to hold onto the anger. I’ve been hurt in such a way that the anger is the only thing that keeps me going.

I know that holding it is exactly what the enemy wants. I know he is using it to keep my mind occupied. I know better Lord, but he gets in right away, before I have a chance to make the proper and right choices.

Please always help me to see that this is a huge lie from satan. He jumps in immediately and builds on my feelings. I can feel my heart start to race, my thoughts run rampant and my blood pressure rises. The enemy is using my hurt and building on it. It’s his main job to keep me from finding a more peaceful way to work out the situation that is occurring. He does not want me to have the opportunity to call out to you Lord, so he comes in very quickly and in full force.

The enemy knows that when I turn to you I can find true peace. Peace within and without. However, being deprived of you, my anger continues to grow and I will eventually be consumed with a vehement desire to keep the anger alive.

In these situations, I need your help Lord. Please come to my aid. Don’t allow my anger to grow. Help me to forgive immediately (or ask for forgiveness immediately) because with forgiveness, understanding and love, you can help me to let go of the anger before it consumes me.

There is another way the enemy gets a foothold. Sometimes I may believe that I have let go of the anger, but if truthful, I may only show peace on the outside but the anger has actually begun the process of burrowing inside of me.

Help me Lord to find the true peace, the inner peace, the peace that passes understanding. In you, I can find peace, love and forgiveness, in a situation where peace usually can’t be found.

You have so many wonderful attributes that I can cling to while working at letting go of my anger.

Father, you are my peace. The Lord that gives peace, the Lord who brings peace, the Lord who is my peace.

Jehovah-Rapha , which means “the LORD who heals, the LORD who is able to bind up the broken-hearted and the LORD who is able to heal the wounds.”

I am thankful Jehovah-Rapha that you are my Lord.

Thank you.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray,


Only One God – 1 Timothy 1: 17

1 Timothy 1: 17

Paul knew God and he wanted to praise him. In Paul’s praises, he included some of the attributes that he knew God to be.

God has lived forever and will continue to do so. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. He is eternal, immortal.

God is invisible to our eyes but not our hearts. It’s important for us to look at him with our faith and hearts, and when we look with these, we will know he is there.

The only wise God. There have always been other gods in this world, but Paul knew that his God was the true one. Paul’s God is our God today. The God who is wise, knowing, seeing and hearing all.

It’s important that we worship and follow God in the same way as Paul did; thankful that he is in our lives, guiding, nurturing, teaching and leading us.

To thank God, we should worship happily, completely, and with knowledge that God is working in us every day of our lives.

Paul was singing praises to Him. When we are close to God we will want to sing praises to him also, with thanks, glory and honour.


It is my pleasure to praise you today and every day.

Father, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Every step I take, I am reminded of how you walk with me. I pray that I will look at you with my heart and with love. I pray that I will realize that because of your deep love for me, you are always standing with me, regardless of the situation.

You are very worthy of my love and honour. You are worthy of my prayers. May my heart always be open to you Lord. May I always remember that it is my privilege to worship and honour you, for who you are.

Draw me closer to you. Please fill my heart to overflow with your love, so that I in turn, can be your representative today, as Paul was in his time, telling others of your magnificence.

I bless your Holy name.

In the name of your son, I pray.