Only One God – 1 Timothy 1: 17

1 Timothy 1: 17

Paul knew God and he wanted to praise him. In Paul’s praises, he included some of the attributes that he knew God to be.

God has lived forever and will continue to do so. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. He is eternal, immortal.

God is invisible to our eyes but not our hearts. It’s important for us to look at him with our faith and hearts, and when we look with these, we will know he is there.

The only wise God. There have always been other gods in this world, but Paul knew that his God was the true one. Paul’s God is our God today. The God who is wise, knowing, seeing and hearing all.

It’s important that we worship and follow God in the same way as Paul did; thankful that he is in our lives, guiding, nurturing, teaching and leading us.

To thank God, we should worship happily, completely, and with knowledge that God is working in us every day of our lives.

Paul was singing praises to Him. When we are close to God we will want to sing praises to him also, with thanks, glory and honour.


It is my pleasure to praise you today and every day.

Father, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Every step I take, I am reminded of how you walk with me. I pray that I will look at you with my heart and with love. I pray that I will realize that because of your deep love for me, you are always standing with me, regardless of the situation.

You are very worthy of my love and honour. You are worthy of my prayers. May my heart always be open to you Lord. May I always remember that it is my privilege to worship and honour you, for who you are.

Draw me closer to you. Please fill my heart to overflow with your love, so that I in turn, can be your representative today, as Paul was in his time, telling others of your magnificence.

I bless your Holy name.

In the name of your son, I pray.


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