One Mediator – 1 Timothy 2: 4-5

1 Timothy 2:

[4] Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

[5] For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

Paul tells us that it is God’s desire that everyone should be saved, so he became flesh and sent his son Jesus Christ to be our Saviour.

EVERY person, during their lifetime, will hear the good news of Jesus Christ, learn of repentance and hear that having faith in Jesus will bring them salvation (the knowledge of the truth).

Paul tells us that another part of the knowledge of the truth is the importance of learning that Jesus is our one mediator.

At the moment of Jesus’ death on the cross, he became our high priest, giving us the privilege of praying and confessing our sins “directly to Him” and with his forgiveness Jesus bridges the gap between us (God’s children) and Father God.

Jesus is the only one who can intercede, reconciling man to God. The Virgin Mary, saints, other gods, angels, man or idols cannot! If we believe that others can do what Jesus came to do, what then, was the point of Jesus’ horrendous crucifixion?

He alone became our bridge to God so it’s important that ALL prayers to God must go through our one and only mediator and that is Christ Jesus.

In regards to sin – Jesus is the only one who can judge fairly as he is the only one who can know our real inner feelings. When he hears the TRUE confessions of a believer, total forgiveness is given through grace and mercy; in that moment, WITHOUT penalty or works.

When people, other gods, the Virgin Mary, saints, idols, angels or mere men hear our confessions, are they able to discern, in the same manner as Jesus and know without doubt what is really in our hearts and the “degree of each sin”? No!

Since God has not authorized anyone (other than Christ) this job, it’s important for men to know that Jesus and only Jesus can completely remove our sins and only He can take our prayers before God.

Jesus is the ONLY one that can save us from death (because we are forgiven through Him). At our judgement, only Jesus appears as our advocate and intercedes for us.

Simply put, God is proceeding according to a plan. All die, but many will live eternally, by the knowledge of the truth through our one and only mediator, Christ Jesus.

Loving God,

Because Jesus is the one who hears my confessions, I can pray at any moment of the day and do not have to wait and confess to one particular person.

It’s important that I do not to keep the sin but to confess and turn away from it, as soon as I am made aware of the sin.

Once confessed, I can be open to receive the forgiveness, compassion, love and mercy that Jesus alone can give me.

With that in mind…

Jesus I come humbly before you and ask for forgiveness. I know that I have sinned and done, thought or said things that are not pleasing to you and I pray Lord you will cleanse me. I come before you now to confess my sins (tell Jesus of the specific things that need forgiveness).

Thank you Jesus that I have laid all of my sins down, in your name. I consciously accept your forgiveness and ask that you would now lead and guide me in all I do.

Thank you Father for such wonderful gifts as Jesus and forgiveness. You are an awesome God and I give you all the praise and glory.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray.


If you have not accepted Jesus into your life, and want to, you can do so by going to the link “salvation”.

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